Reflections of 2 years passed

I set a goal and I kept it. 

Consider this my last official post as after this, I am no longer obligated to continue. 

To my followers, thank you for your support and kindness. Consider my blog a dedication to you all.

My thoughts are my own, time to move on. 

Much love,



The potential to influence change yet the possibility to ruin lives.

Power is in the powerless who resist.

Power is in the powerless who find hope during struggle.

Power is in the powerless who love undyingly through severe hardship.

Crave not power but justice.

Crave not power but kindness.

And most importantly, crave not power but love.


May each breath be swift and every word weigh heavy.

There is no freedom for anyone, if anyone in this world lives in fear.

It is the respect I owe to the freedom fighters before me and the potential I have to influence future generations for a unified human race.

My existence is an idea that will live beyond my death.

This is legacy. 


Socially constructed and complicated, yet simpler than you think.

Our surroundings influence our existence and our interactions with others  shape our thoughts and actions. We choose to embrace what we want to believe based on our biases and history. From our parents, to our grandparents, to immigration and post-immigration tendencies, we struggle to negotiate a perception of ourselves to fit with the group of people we want to find comfort with.  

Identity is a social construct. It changes with our surroundings and is at a constant point of evolution with every experience that passes.

It’s complicated.

But simpler than you think.

Take a second, step back, forget the excessive shit around you and take a deep breath. Deep down inside, you know who you are.

Really, identity is about finding comfort with our inner thoughts and not being afraid to represent how we feel.





Oh and relationships.

I will finally blog about relationships before I leave. I avoid such topics but I see/hear so much horrible abusive shit so I must do my thoughts justice.

Let me know of there is anything else y’all want to hear!

Just realized how racist the Bachelor is. There hasn’t been a black Bachelor. Wtf white America, go fuck off.

You didn’t need a college degree to become one of the people who knew what was really going on. If you paid attention, you could pick things up on your own.

Jeannette Walls, The Glass Castle (via observando)

Was in such gracious company tonight. Bless the strong willed and fighters. Damn